uTorrent is a highly functional BitTorrent client with a very small memory footprint. It can help you download a huge variety of music and movies, and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


µTorrent is a little over 1 MB (smaller than a digital photo!). It installs ultra-fast and will never hog your valuable system resources.


Want total control? uTorrent offers advanced settings such as automation, scripting, remote management and more.


Download your files as quickly and efficiently as possible without slowing down your other online activities.


Direct access to a over 10,000 artists and 2,000,000 pieces of content. Download media directly from a variety of artists, bands, authors and filmmakers.

Download uTorrent at here. If you are using GNU/linux, Try Transmission or Ktorrent. uTorrent is what’s called a BitTorrent client. Your client is a piece of software that communicates with lots of other computers via a server on the internet. In order to download torrent files, you’ll need a BitTorrent client.


How to Disable utorrent ads in free version

  1. Start by opening your uTorrent client.
  2. Next, navigate to Options and Preferences.
  3. Next, click on Advanced and type in “offers” or “sponsored” in the Filter input field. Now hit enter to perform the search or filter based on your entered query.
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom till you see “offer.left_rail_offer_enabled” and “Offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled”  and change the value to false. (Refer image below).
  5. Once done, click on OK to save the settings.



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