As we know that Android Smartphone are popular for large variety of apps available on Google play store, Today we will learn to download apk file from Google play store because Google play store does not allow to download apk file directly to computer. know a question arise that why to download apk file to PC?

Usually the PC have better internet connection with better internet speed, also large storage for big android game that consume more internet package of your mobile if download form internet. Not only this but the apk file that is download can be store and use on any android device.


To download the apk file form Google play store we use online apk downloader tool. This tool help to download apk file directly from Google play store to your PC without registering your device.

Now follow the steps bellow:

How to Download Android APK Files from Google Play Store to PC

Steps 1: Visit Google play store.

Steps 2: Search the apps you want to download and click on it.


Steps 3: Copy the url of that apps.


Steps 4: Go to apk downloader

Steps 5: Now paste the copied url on text box provided for “Package name or Google Play URL


Steps 6: Click on generate download link

Steps 7: Now click on “Click here to Download” button below generate download link


Steps8 : now just to download start and finish.

Enjoy :

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