It is very common to all computer to see Unknown Device Driver whenever we insert new hardware, device or install new Operating system. We see Unknown Device message popup in windows system. This message is displayed whenever windows failed to install driver for your newly founded hardware or device.

Whenever, windows fails to install driver for new hardware it automatically search on web for driver for unknown Device driver using hardware id bur sometime it fails to find perfect driver. At that  time driver must be install manually either from CD or DVD but if you do not have driver CD we must find manually on web. To do so we must known the hardware id to find driver.

How to Find and install Drivers for Unknown Device in Windows PC?

There are two method that can install Unknown Device Driver  to PC

Methods 1.

1. Right click on My Computer and then click on manage.


2. Computer Manager window will be Open on the left hand side click on Device Manager.


3. In the center of the Windows you can see Unknown Device Driver or Device without proper driver marked in yellow mark.

4. Right on that Device and click Properties.

5. Now click on Details tab.

6. Select Hardware Ids in Property option.

7. Right Click on first line under value section and select copy.


8. Now you have got Hardware Ids, Open or

9. Paste the Hardware Ids and search for the driver to download.

10. This is the fast way to find the appropriate driver for the Unknown device driver. After you find the driver download it and install it.

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Methods 2.

This methods is very common that everyone do to find driver for there newly install hardware device . Just copy your device model no either from its packet, box or from cover. model no can be found on hardware back side also. After copying it paste it in search engine and search for driver download. It is little bit long process to find but its work.




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