All the Android Smartphone have the same sound and volume quality unless your phone company have install some multimedia apps to improve sound and volume quality. Some of the branded company improve this by changing or adding some extra chip internaly to the Phone, to do this expert persion is needed but the Phone user are not expert in that so we can install apps to improve this so we donot need expert persion.


There are many apps that can improve sound and volume of the phone that can be install from google play.

To Improve and increase sound and volume of Android Phone install  apps and follow the steps.

1. Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ Guide


After installing the app, open your favorite song and then launch the app. It will guide you to a widget that takes little time to get used to and soon you’ll find you can’t live without it. It’s a pretty simple equalizer that lets you increase or decrease the volume. If you click on the letters EQ you can make all kinds of volume adjustments as you like.

If you have any problem during installation feel free to comment us.



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