Have you record a  video with your cell phone or camcorder While traveling or having fun with your friends, and by mistake you have captured in a wrong direction.   Before you go straining your neck or flipping your monitor on it’s side to watch your video, we’ll show you a few easier methods to rotate video while watching.

This is  simple way  to rotate the video while you watch it, we’ll show you how to do that with VLC Media Player. If you want to convert the video so it is rotated permanently, we’ll show you how to do that with Windows Live Movie Maker and output your video as a WMV file.

Download, install, and run VLC Media Player. (See download link below)


Follow the easiest  step

Open your video file by going to Media  > Open File… and browsing for your file to play.

Choose Tools from the Menu bar of vlc and select Effects and Filters.


Now on the Video Effects tab, click on Geometry tab then tick the Transform check-box,  and then tick mark Rotate check-box it will activate the rotatory button. Now you rotate the button using mouse to rotate the video, after the video in right position press close button.  The video can be rotated counter-clockwise of anticlockwise.


Now you can play  your video the way you want to be viewed.




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