PC Screen Capture is one free powerful, lightweight, full-featured screen capture tool for Windows platform, It allows you to take screenshots from any part of your screen in four ways, you can capture full desktop, active window, selected area and selected object, and save images in BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG formats.


There are many other screen capture programs but we recommend PC screen capture because it is powerfull, lightweight, and free to use. There are many reason why to use PC screen capture, one important reason is to send screenshot of desktop either whole part ot and selected part or active windows parts.

How to take Screenshot on Windows PC Easily


Capture the Screenshot of the Desktop.

1. Download and install PC Screen Capture.

2. After installation is completed open it from all Programs.

3. You will see 4 icon in menu tools.

4. First one is desktop.(Its is use when you want to take the screenshot of whole desktop ), Pressing this icon will capture the desktop screen and active the save as icon to save that image you have capture.

How to take the screenshot of selected area

1. open the PC Screen capture Program.

2. Press on area icon on tool menu.

3. PC Screen Capture will minimize automatic and mouse pointer will changed to +.

4. Now select the area which you want to take screenshot by draging the mouse.

5. After selecting the area again the PC Screen Capture will maximize automatic.

6. Click on Save As  icon to save the image.

How to take the Screenshot of the Active Windows.

1. Open the PC Screen Capture Program.

2. Press the Active Window Icon.

3. PC Screen Capture will take screenshot automatic of the currently  Active windows.



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