Purchasing a home or business laptop or desktop can be a big challenge for a person who is going to  buy. buying laptop and desktop both are different but morel less same in some topic although you can refer some topic. Some common devices that are common in both laptop and desktop like HDD, DVD read/write, processor, RAM etc.

Before Buying a computer, we must know some common general idea of computer or how you are going to use the computer, we here provide you a tips on purchasing a laptop or computer.


What Should we know Before buying a new Computer?

Display of Laptop

All laptop and portable computer come with a display and some of them can external display option. Display is an important while traveling from one place to another Large display and too small display can have sometime problem while traveling but if the is not too big nor too small it is better. Portable computer having greater than 13″ to 17 ‘” is known to perfect display for portable computer.


Battery is one of very important part of the laptop hence it is the only power source while traveling, more the battery backup more fun and more excitement. while buying laptop or battery see the battery usage, make sure that it fit with your requirement.

Hard Drive

Hard drive is the storage source of the desktop and laptop too. More the storage more file can you save. But remember the speed of data transfer rate of the Hard Drive which is also responsible for computer speed.
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Memory is also most important part of the laptop and Desktop which provide the working speed of the computer. While buying the computer memory speed and capacity both are important because capacity provide computer to load many program at a time and speed provide to load many program with its full speed speed.


Processor means CPU of computer and laptop. It is consider an important part of computer while purchasing. Before purchasing the computer make sure that you are buying latest processor because it support all the latest software and games. Processor is the component in computer that all the thing is done by processor. Processor speed is the main speed of computer which provide the main speed of computer.

Video Card

For computer gaming and video performance it is important that computer graphic card is better. While buying computer for better video and gaming it is important to match the requirement of video card GPU and video memory.

Sound, modem and Network Card

At last all computer are provided with sufficient sound for all user. Although if you are planing for better sound performance you can add extra sound card. Modem and Network card can be inbuilt with the computer  but its deponds on you that how are going to use internet with modem or with network card any can be use.
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